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A edição 200 da revista MOJO já está nas bancas portuguesas. Toda ela é histórica, quer pelos relatos e temáticas, quer pela magnífica contribuição de Tom Waits. A não perder ainda uma selecção de videos disponíveis online. Uma nota muito especial para o fantástico editorial da pena do próprio Waits e que reza assim:
Dear Reader
They have to feed cows magnets because of the metal that they eat... like cans, barbed wire, nails, no trespassing signs. They feed them magnets to collect it all in one part of the stomach so it can be removed.
Songs are like so much metal clanging around in me that I have ingested and cannot pass or digest... ant the sound of one song banging into another... that is my music.
God must be a musian because we all appear to be born with it already installed. It is like factory air on all models.

Some songs come out of the ground just like a potato... some tunes, if you break them open... you will find eggs.

When an orchestra is tuning up, I feel I have my ear to a keyhole and I can hear the music is getting dressed before the show.

The aborigines believe that the world was SUNG into existence... we hail the sparks that are embedded in songs. There are songs to word off, songs to bring forth, songs to restore life, songs to commemorate, songs to forget and songs to manifest... because songs contain miracles...

Apparently, there is a bird in the rainforest who has a song that is so beatiful and sings so infrequently that soon as he begins to sing, all the other birds are quiet so they can listen. I believe it is called a Belafonte bird.

There are great many beautiful sounds on this earth...

My wife's singing voice

Hungry Crows

Trolley bells

Ballgames on transitor radios

Tap dancers

Children when school's out

And then there is the sound of the Belafonte bird. The world is making music all the time...

The other night I woke up to a clear high and lonesome moan from a faraway hill... it was of the four-legged variety, coyote, probably the Hank III.

Again, there are great many beautiful sounds on this earth...

Remember, the music will always ask you if you are sure that you want to bring those tunes along... "You see we are going to the moon my dear... so make sure what you are brinnging is precisous, for the moonlings will be listening."

Enjoy the 200th issue of MOJO...

Tom Waits, Editor

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