sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2016


Ainda ontem deixava-mos a dúvida sobre uma das novas músicas de Mark Eitzel chamada "An Answer" quando hoje, por coincidência, o músico nos lança a todos um desafio que envolve o tal tema e que parece tirar as dúvidas - é quase de certeza a mesma canção. Cada vez faz mais sentido haver sempre um gira-discos (prato!) na cozinha!    
Reza assim:
I wrote a song called An Answer about dancing in the kitchen. I thought it would be cool to ask people for a 30 second clip of them dancing with someone or something they love. It can be a parent, a child, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat, hug pillow. What ever.
All you have to do is film yourself dancing to 'An Answer' in your kitchen for 30 seconds. 
Slow dancing.
It would be FANTASTIC this Halloween to have people dance in costume.
It would work by emailing me at the address on this page. I'll send you the song and a legal release form and you can send me a video from your phone, or computer - or anything. I would recommend using YouSendIt but you can also upload the video to YouTube and I can take it from there. Videos on Facebook are really hard up download - so please don't do that!
For every submission Merge has OK'd a discount code for their site.
Then I would edit together a video using the clips. I won't make anyone look funny or anything - I'll just use the clips as I get them.


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