quarta-feira, 8 de maio de 2013


the new album is a bit different to the last one.
me and graham produced it again though.
the music speaks for itself more than any other we’ve done before. there isn’t much outside of it that informs it and there aren’t any soundbites to tell you what it is.
we recorded in studios in london, berlin, clacton and the west country.
with this album we thought about not ironing out all the irregularities with editing, (irregularities are what make something moving), but honing a performance through playing.
i like the sense with this music that you are surrounded by people playing instruments. you can hear someone move or breathe before they begin playing.
elisa rodrigues came from portugal to sing on some songs. she mostly sings jazz but you can hear fado in the way she sings… she’ll be singing with us live.
with the first album especially, there was a bit of a gap between me and the music. with the last album that gap closed a lot. with this one it has disappeared.


É assim que Jack Barnett, mentor, compositor e mais que tudo dos These New Puritans anuncia o próximo álbum "Field of Reeds" com selo da Infectous Records nas lojas dia 10 de Junho, dia de Portugal. A coincidência acaba por ser feliz já que, como escrito acima, o disco conta com a colaboração de Elisa Rodrigues, linda cantora portuguesa de jazz e não só, habituada a digressões, por exemplo, com Rodrigo Leão e que se juntou em estúdio à banda em Dezembro passado. Elisa estará também com os TNPS em palco em algumas datas. Aqui fica o primeiro fragmento de mais um grande disco destes jovens ingleses. Isso é certo!  

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